Data Journalism

Data Journalism


Journalism and the Latin American open data agenda

ICFJ Knight Fellow Juan Manuel Casanueva examines the open data boom highlighted during the AbreLatam and ConDatos events in Santiago, Chile. 

Juan Manuel Casanueva | October 12, 2015

ICFJ Knight roundup: Connecting with mobile audiences

Hacks/Hackers Delhi will host an event to talk mobile news, Code for Africa explains how governments can engage with audiences through mobile and more from the Knight Fellows in this week’s roundup.

Alyssa Mesich | October 09, 2015

Associated Press Media Editors hosts workshop [US]

Journalism professionals, academics and students can attend a two-day NewsTrain workshop in in Philadelphia.

How journalists can start using data in Pakistan

ICFJ Knight Fellow Shaheryar Popalzai offers advice and recommendations for journalists starting out in data journalism in Pakistan, where new sources of data are opening up.

Shaheryar Popalzai | October 07, 2015

Hackathon on science journalism and innovation open [Central America, Mexico]

Journalists, designers, developers and students from Central America, Mexico and the Dominican Republic can participate in this event in Guadalajara organized by the Inter-American Development Bank.

Abraji offers online course in data journalism [Brazil]

Journalists who want to learn how to access and analyze public data can enroll in this four-week course from the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism.

Lessons learned from building data journalism teams in Latin America

ICFJ Knight Fellow Mariano Blejman reflects on lessons learned while launching and running HacksLabs, the first data journalism accelerator in Latin America.

Mariano Blejman | October 02, 2015

ICFJ Knight roundup: Fellows head to Norway for Global Investigative Journalism Conference

#GIJC15 next week, ICFJ Knight Fellow Mariano Blejman offers insights on how to build a media company and more from the Knight Fellows in this week's roundup.

Alyssa Mesich | October 02, 2015

Data journalism workshop calls for collaborators [Spain]

Medialab-Prado in Madrid seeks collaborators for nine data-driven news projects that will be developed in October and December.

The shocking costs of pursuing data journalism — and how newsrooms can afford them

Accessing the data needed to pursue data journalism is notoriously expensive. Can today’s newsrooms keep up with the cost?

Sam Berkhead | September 30, 2015