Community Engagement

Community Engagement


Visualizing Impact illustrates data and social justice with infographics

The data and design company uses graphics to break down pressing social justice issues around the world. 

Ashley Nguyen | April 10, 2015

ICFJ Knight roundup: HackDash debuts new website for tracking ideas at hackathons

HackDash gets a makeover, Code for Africa launches a new tool and more in this week's Knight International Media Innovators roundup.

Alex Fiorille | April 10, 2015

Young reader contest open [Worldwide]

News publishers who engage young people in journalism are eligible for an award.

GotToVote site preps Ghana, Uganda for 2016 elections

Created to help citizens register to vote for Kenya's general elections, GotToVote is now in Malawi, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Uganda.

Jessica Weiss | April 06, 2015

Maximize news distribution with a 'social-first' mindset

Methods for building an audience on social media, data journalism for newbies and more in this week's Digital Media Mash Up, produced by the Center for International Media Assistance.

IJNet | April 03, 2015

With advent of Twitter’s Periscope, social live-streaming is a trend worth watching

Live-streaming apps aren't new to mobile, but there is a new innovation happening in the real-time video arena that could prove extremely useful to journalists. 

Natasha Tynes | March 27, 2015

Nonprofit journalism: A model that’s here to stay — and spread

The Center for International Media Assistance hosted a panel discussing the past, present and future of nonprofit journalism in the United States and abroad.

Ashley Nguyen | March 26, 2015

News-Decoder connects millennials to global affairs past and present

The founder of News-Decoder explains how a new site will meet millennials at the intersection of news and education.

Ashley Nguyen | March 25, 2015

Quartz editor: Digital journalists must also become user-experience designers

James Breiner discusses the mindset behind digital business models with Gideon Lichfield, the senior editor of Quartz.

James Breiner | March 23, 2015

NewsU offers free training series on community journalism [Worldwide]

Freelancers who want to make themselves more marketable to local publications and editors interested in training contributors can enroll in two self-directed courses.