Community Engagement

Community Engagement


ProPublica experiments with WhatsApp to engage Liberian citizens around latest investigation

After launching its investigation on the American company Firestone's role in Liberia's civil wars in the 1990s, the news site is using the chat app to start a conversation around the story.

Margaret Looney | November 24, 2014

Swedish Institute hosts short residency program [MENA]

Young leaders from the MENA region and Sweden who support democracy and human rights can apply to a three-week training in Sweden.

ProPublica seeks engagement fellow [US]

Journalists with a demonstrated ability to write for various social platforms can apply for a paid fellowship in New York.

Congress calls for papers on media, citizenship [Portugal]

Journalists, academics and students are invited to attend the third Literacy, Media and Citizenship Congress in Lisbon.

Tabeir Iraq aims to help journalists and bloggers stay safe

Iraqi journalists have a tool to track attacks against them, a platform to help them design risk-reduction plans and a cadre of trainers in security. 

Jorge Luis Sierra | October 30, 2014

FlashCast gives news outlets a new way to engage commuters

FlashCast marries LED displays on buses with a mobile, location-based software system to deliver news and information to commuters.

Mandy de Waal | October 27, 2014

'Hands-on journalism' fosters community engagement

Data projects by RadioLab and the Center for Investigative Reporting helped 'break down complex issues' and gave journalists new ways to interact with audiences.

Josh Stearns | October 16, 2014

FireChat app drives offline communication during Umbrella Revolution

When the Umbrella Revolution began in Hong Kong, half a million people downloaded FireChat, which allows people to chat without an Internet connection. Laure Nouraout of the Global Editors' Network talks to the OpenGarden CEO about how the app's been used during Occupy Hong Kong.

Laure Nouraout | October 15, 2014

Social leadership program for women open [MENA, Sweden]

The yearlong program provides two training sessions and ongoing coaching to selected female social entrepreneurs.

Community-building tips for newsrooms

Community engagement specialist Jeanne Brooks shared her advice at the recent Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires Media party.

Kristin Deasy | September 04, 2014