Community Engagement

Community Engagement


Youth journalism contest open [Canada]

The advocacy group Environmental Defence is inviting aspiring journalists ages 11 to 18 to submit reporting projects about local environmental issues.

Here's the future of hyper-personalized news delivery

Digital media consultant Amy Webb discusses the most important trend to be aware of when it comes to giving your audience the news they want, when they want it.

Jessica Weiss | February 18, 2015

Snapchat Discover prompts newsrooms to think mobile-first

Trushar Barot discusses Snapchat's new Discover feature, other examples of newsrooms using chat apps around the world, and how analytics fit in to these experiments. 

Natasha Tynes | February 05, 2015

News Republic: a news operation with no journalists

News Republic has partnered with media groups and bloggers in 45 countries to aggregate content. Using an algorithm, the website allows readers to choose what content they want to read out of 1 million topics.

Global Editors Network | January 19, 2015

Using design thinking to engage the Nigerian public in health news

How can a journalist be confident that a story that seems important to the audience really is? By getting to know the audience so deeply that their needs are revealed.

Nuno Vargas | January 08, 2015

Mobile news bureau BBC Pop Up aims to tell 'local stories to a global audience'

The news organization's first mobile bureau is spending one month in U.S. towns covering community-oriented news stories, such as the Colorado floods.

Jenny Shank | January 02, 2015

Deadline approaching: GFMD seeks communications officer [Europe]

The Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD) is hiring a part-time communications officer for its International Secretariat in Brussels.

Technology may blur lines between journalism and activism

In this week's CIMA Digital Media Mash Up, an author debates how technology is changing journalism's role in activism, Instagram overtakes Twitter in audience engagement and more. 

IJNet | December 19, 2014

Program for civil society leaders open [Asia]

Journalists and academics ages 35 to 59 can apply for a fellowship in Japan.

What news organizations IJNet readers turned to in 2014

What news organizations have you turned to the most in 2014? See how other IJNet readers have answered the question.

Ashley Nguyen | December 10, 2014