Community Engagement

Community Engagement


Citizen Engagement Lab seeks Kairos fellows [US]

Emerging digital campaigners of color can apply for a six-month fellowship.

Media Impact Project's Dana Chinn: 'Add audience analytics to what is essential to journalism'

The director of the University of Southern California's Media Impact Project encourages journalists to spend 15 minutes a day taking an audience-first approach to data.

Ashley Nguyen | October 01, 2015

Journalism contest on science, technology open [Egypt]

The Sci-Tech Journalism Awards are accepting stories on the future of energy, health care, industry and infrastructure.

Media companies vying for spot on Snapchat Discover's roster

Everyone wants in on Snapchat Discover, The New York Times experiments with WeChat and more in this week's Digital Media Mash Up, produced by the Center for International Media Assistance.

IJNet | September 25, 2015

How journalists can use mapping platform MapJam

Journalists can use the interactive map-making service to bring their stories to life in a variety of ways, from breaking down complex news events to generating crowdsourced data.

Dena Levitz | September 21, 2015

ICFJ seeks Knight International Journalism Fellow [Worldwide]

Senior journalists with experience in the Global South and a deep knowledge of technology can apply to spearhead the Code for Africa (CfAfrica) data journalism initiative in Nigeria.

St. Louis Public Radio's Kelsey Proud offers tips for engaging niche audiences

During a recent NPR editorial training webinar, engagement editor Kelsey Proud outlined seven questions all journalists should ask themselves to involve their target audience.

Sam Berkhead | September 16, 2015

Interactive Yo Quiero Saber game makes decision-making easy for voters

HacksLabs grantee Yo Quiero Saber allows Argentine citizens a clear and easy way to see which political candidates share their views.

Federico Ricciardi | September 15, 2015

ProPublica's Amanda Zamora: Five questions to ask when crowdsourcing an investigation

At the recent Media Party in Buenos Aires, ProPublica's Amanda Zamora explained how to get the public to contribute when conducting investigations.

Ana Prieto | September 14, 2015

Three ways to find eyewitness media sources

Three tools to find firsthand accounts on social media, how to work with local journalists and more in this week's Digital Media Mash Up, produced by the Center for International Media Assistance.

IJNet | September 11, 2015