Community Engagement

Community Engagement


With advent of Twitter’s Periscope, social live-streaming is a trend worth watching

Live-streaming apps aren't new to mobile, but there is a new innovation happening in the real-time video arena that could prove extremely useful to journalists. 

Natasha Tynes | March 27, 2015

Nonprofit journalism: A model that’s here to stay — and spread

The Center for International Media Assistance hosted a panel discussing the past, present and future of nonprofit journalism in the United States and abroad.

Ashley Nguyen | March 26, 2015

News-Decoder connects millennials to global affairs past and present

The founder of News-Decoder explains how a new site will meet millennials at the intersection of news and education.

Ashley Nguyen | March 25, 2015

Quartz editor: Digital journalists must also become user-experience designers

James Breiner discusses the mindset behind digital business models with Gideon Lichfield, the senior editor of Quartz.

James Breiner | March 23, 2015

NewsU offers free training series on community journalism [Worldwide]

Freelancers who want to make themselves more marketable to local publications and editors interested in training contributors can enroll in two self-directed courses.

ICFJ seeks Knight International Journalism Fellows [Worldwide]

Senior journalists with experience in the Global South and a deep knowledge of technology can apply to spearhead the Code for Africa (CfAfrica) data journalism initiative in Kenya and South Africa.

Two apps aim to develop a direct connection between citizen journalists and news outlets

Can startups encourage citizen journalists to monetize their photos and videos by sending them directly to news outlets? Two budding companies — Broadfy and Newsreps — are on a quest to find out.

Ashley Nguyen | March 12, 2015

A roundup of crowdfunding sites around the world

The Global Investigative Journalist Network shares crowdfunding sites specific to Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America.

GIJN | March 06, 2015

Citizen Matters: A successful model for a citizen journalism news site

Citizen Matters, a local news outlet in Bangalore, India, specializes in reporting civic issues and investigative stories. The co-founders tell IJNet how they remained successful as a niche publication.

Ashley Nguyen | March 04, 2015

Youth journalism contest open [Canada]

The advocacy group Environmental Defence is inviting aspiring journalists ages 11 to 18 to submit reporting projects about local environmental issues.