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Whether you’re just starting out as a journalist or mastering a new skill, IJNet has a wealth of articles and resources available to help you practice your craft and improve your techniques. Information is available from experts in various regions of the world, sharing tips for using Google, finding data, using Twitter or figuring out if you should consider freelancing and much more.

Members of IJNet have access to journalist resources such as classes, workshops and fellowships that are available all over the world. Students can participate in exchange programs with other countries, learn about social media’s role in reporting and take advantage of conferences covering journalism as a career and how it’s changing.

Who should be called a Journalist? What makes a good one? Are Journalist degrees obsolete? What’s the most effective interview medium: phone, email or in person? There are just some of the active discussion topics shared by your fellow journalists. IJNet collects and shares all categories of journalist resources in multiple languages and written by professionals. This is a place to connect with your worldwide community.

Journalist Tools are Evolving – Find Out what’s New

Journalist tools have changed with the appearance of new technologies. Smartphones, new software applications and little-known Google features can help journalists with everything from reporting on natural disasters to hunting for new sources. Check out these five tools for journalists:

A good data visualization tool will make your data and your story really stand out. Here are three easy (and FREE) tools for journalists:

  • ManyEyes: create a word cloud, a bar chart or a diagram
  • Vuvox: create interactive presentations
  • Dipity: for interactive timelines including photos, video and text

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