Should news sites publish sponsored content?

As news sites increasingly turn to sponsored content to earn needed revenue, do they risk compromising their journalism values?

The Atlantic is receiving a lot of criticism for its recent Scientology ad. As sponsored content, the thinly veiled advertorial mimicked the usual design of an Atlantic piece almost exactly.

How far should ads like this stray from the editorial guidelines of the outlet? Is a yellow banner declaring "sponsor content" enough? Should news sites use sponsored content to make money? Or should journalists avoid sponsored content altogether?

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Yes because it would absolutely be naive for someone to oppose sponsored contents on news sites, because after all the media has a business component. Had it not been so, why do newspapers and radio and television stations carry advertisements. You cannot rule it out, sponsored contents help to financially sustain a media house without necessarily changing editorial contents. David N. Targbe Monrovia, Liberia


If journalism keeps relying on advertising. I have had to do that and I hate it.


Yes, because Many colleagues are losing or have lost their jobs due to lack of revenue in this new era of technology. But guidelines should be implemented when posting those ads as news to better help the naive to understand that the 2 page spread is not actual news.

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