Should journalists confirm information before passing it along on Twitter?

Journalists following breaking news events have found microblogging service Twitter a valuable tool.

The latest example involved a hoax involving the Piers Morgan and the phone hacking scandal that made the rounds before it was discovered to be false.

Should journalists verify information before tweeting it?


Every bit of information must be verified we ought to report matters based on facts that must be correct. failure to which you ust indicate that the information being passed across is unverified or unconfirmed.

it's simple

Just as in traditional media, verification methods are the same. What's the source? Can other sources confirm the info? The velocity of the means is no excuse.

Twitter and libel law

This is a good analysis re what journo's need to know re libelous tweets, plus there's a useful review of news organizations' social media policies:

A. Adam Glenn Associate Professor CUNY Graduate School of Journalism


Excellent resource, much appreciated.

Nicole English editor, IJNet

Confirming Tweets before Publication

The only acceptable answer to this question is...yes, of course journalists should verify Tweets before disseminating them.

Twitter is no different from any other information source. Verify, verify, verify.

It's disappointing to read the anonymous comment that suggests that reporters can't wait to verify..."that it's more important to get it out." That position is absolutely unacceptable and runs counter to ethical and professional journalistic standards.

Quite simply we reporters and editors are in the business of gathering, confirming and publishing accurate information. Any other form of content is not news nor is it newsworthy.

Verify first; publish second.


To tweet something before verifying it does not qualify as journalism. It is simply electronic rumor-mongering. Journalism's relevance in a sea of information/data comes directly from professional standards that require verification.

verifying is a must

Journalist must verify the information s/he gathered before twitting it. If s/he ignored the process of verifying, certainly confirm will lose credibility


Things move too fast now, you can't slow down the news (always) as you wait to verify it. There should be a hashtag #unverified or #rumor but still, often it's more important to get it out.


In deed, no one can afford to pass infromatoin to public based on rumors-- this against the ethics of journalism

of course

Since when did verifying become an optional? Journalists should not pass on rumors, period. The vehicle for baseless information doesn't matter.

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