Naomi Harris

Аватар пользователя nharris

As the Communications Associate, Naomi Harris is responsible for managing ICFJ’s social media platforms, developing visuals and developing content for the website and across other channels.

Harris graduated in 2017 from the University of Maryland, where she studied journalism and cultural anthropology and was the recipient of the White House Correspondents’ Association Scholarship. She worked with Dana Priest to promote and expand Press Uncuffed, a publication that features student-led reporting on the implications of limited press freedom.

Her introduction to press freedom helped fuel her interest in empowering journalists all around the world, leading her to join the ICFJ team in 2017.

Harris’ journalism experience includes freelancing for The AFRO, interning for the maDCap podcast, and working as a staff writer for the Writer’s Bloc at Maryland. Harris believes in the power of reporting to magnify the importance of equality, inclusion and diversity of voices.

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Naomi Harris | 23/09/18