ICFJ Knight Fellows share 12 open source tools for any newsroom


ICFJ Knight Fellows share 12 open source tools for any newsroom

IJNet | 09/03/16

During their fellowships, the ICFJ Knight Fellows help spur a culture of media innovation and experimentation. Through their work, fellows develop and build a variety of new tools and technologies that have helped revolutionize newsrooms across the globe.

The tools range from HackDash, a platform that helps keep track of ideas and participants during hackathons and other collaborative projects, to Yo Quiero Saber, which helps voters compare their views with those of political candidates. In addition to the newsrooms from which they originated, the tools can help media organizations everywhere adapt to the latest technologies and better engage their readers.

Ahead of the NICAR 2016 conference, the fellows offered up 12 free and open source tools they've created during their fellowships that any newsroom can use:

Main image CC-licensed by Flickr via David DeHoey.


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