Ritvvij Parrikh

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ICFJ Knight Fellow Ritvvij Parrikh is helping media outlets to improve their visual storytelling and data journalism around health and development issues. An experienced technologist, his areas of expertise are product management, visual interfaces and data-driven decision making.

Parrikh studied engineering at Mumbai University and then worked in the telecom-software sector for many years in India, Israel and the United States. After that, he started TracksGiving, a social enterprise that helps NGOs transparently report how they spend donations.

Parrikh also founded Pykih, a data visualization development agency, that has helped 50+ brands across seven countries make numbers more human and purpose-driven on the web. Pykih has worked with top media brands and NGOs, including The Hindu, Huffington Post - India, First Post, India Spend, UNDP India, Oxfam India, Visually,, Datawrapper and others. He was co-organizer of DataMeet Mumbai, an India-wide community of Open Data enthusiasts.

Últimas notícias

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Jornalistas devem utilizar novas ferramentas e técnicas para auxiliar nas técnicas de narrativa visual, especialmente em países onde há leitores analfabetos ou semi-analfabetos.

Ritvvij Parrikh | 10/10/17