Thomson Reuters offers course for journalists on women’s issues [Worldwide]

Thomson Reuters offers course for journalists on women’s issues [Worldwide]

Posted on July 03, 2013


October 02, 2013

Journalists worldwide can apply for this course in London.

TrustMedia, a Thomson Reuters Foundation service, is offering a course on women's issues, to be held Dec 2 - 6.

The course will cover themes including: choosing the best angle for your story; getting women to speak up; presentation skills and writing for greater impact; storytelling; ethics and fact-checking; conveying a local (or national) story for a global audience; and critical assessment of women’s issues coverage in the global media and safety for female journalists.

Applicants must have two years of professional experience as journalists or as regular contributors to broadcast or print media. They must show a strong interest in women’s issues and a commitment to journalism in their host countries.

Professional proficiency in written and spoken English is required. All selected participants will have researched a story they would like to develop during the course.

Full bursaries are available for journalists from the developing world/countries in political transition working for organizations with no resources for training. Bursaries include return air travel (economy class), accommodation and a modest living allowance.

Thomson Reuters Foundation also offers training for journalists from any region from an organization that has the resources to fully cover the costs of the program.

The deadline is Oct. 2.

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