Reporters without Borders seeks project director [Libya]

Reporters without Borders seeks project director [Libya]

Posted on May 18, 2012


July 01, 2012

Journalists fluent in English and Arabic with media development experience can apply for a position in Libya.

Reporters Without Borders seeks a project director to monitor the reconstruction of the media system and to help ensure the principles of independence and pluralism are fully implemented and respected.

Responsibilities include monitoring media freedom violations and cases of censorship, providing expert advice on the creation of bodies to regulate traditional and online media, supporting journalism training projects and helping journalists to create new media projects and guide them to donors, resources and investors.

Applicants should have familiarity with the media in North Africa and the Middle East, project management experience and experience in lobbying/advocacy.

The 18-month contract position is funded by the European Union. Submit a cover letter and resume by July 1.

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