Joan Shorenstein Center Fellowship at Harvard open [Worldwide]



Journalists from around the world who are interested in sharing, expanding and researching public policy and political affairs can apply for this fellowship.

The Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government is accepting applications for the Joan Shorenstein Center Fellowship.

Applicants must be journalists, scholars or policymakers active in the field of press, politics and public policy. English fluency is required.

Fellows are required to live in residence for one semester, and will receive a US$30,000 stipend disbursed in four installments over the semester. Travel and living expenses are not covered by the center.

Office space, computer, printer and telephone are provided. To apply, send a cover letter, a completed application form, a research project proposal, a curriculum vitae/resume and recommendations.

The deadline is Feb. 1.

For more information, click here.

Investigative and reseach reporting on oil and maritime

My name is Sam O. Dean, Liberia's leading investigative journalism. I would highly appreciate if I were selected to become part of this fellow, as this will broaden my research and investigative skills in the field of journalism. I want to learn more in research and investigative journalism due to secrecy surrounding Liberia's emerging oil and gas sector, where oil contracts/concessions value are unknown to the Liberian public. If given the opportunity to be accepted, I intent to research the price per tonnage on a vessel. Liberia is the world's second leading maritime country with over 3000 ships flying the flag but yet its reporting revenue is discouraging.

public policy reshearch is

public policy reshearch is one of the key rules in journalism especially in Africa were journalist lack researching skills before reporting their stories.This training i'm sure will give light to journalist in Africa.