Contest for news coverage of women open [Spain]



Journalists who report on the role of women in society may participate in this contest.

The Press Association of Almería (AP-APAL) and Unicaja have announced the second annual Columbine Journalism Award, in honor of the Almerian journalist Carmen de Burgos “Columbine” Seguí.

Submitted pieces must be original, published in press or online, or broadcast on radio or TV. The works should focus on the role of women in society and promote the principals and values of equality in professional, cultural, scientific and intellectual domains.

Each submitted piece must have been published or shared in Spanish by journalists between January 1 and December 31, 2012.

The winner will receive EU€3,000 (about US$3,800).

The deadline to submit pieces is January 14.

For more information, in Spanish, click here.