How are smartphones changing the news?

Anyone with a smartphone can capture the news and deliver that footage to the world.

Journalists are increasingly "reporting" news by searching for material online and trying to verify it rather than hitting the streets for original material.

Calling it "the greatest media technology paradigm shift since the advent of TV," documentary "Seeing is Believing: Handicams, Human Rights and the News" explored how hand-held cameras are used by activists, war crimes investigators, right-wing proselytizers and ordinary citizens.

How is this legion of citizen reporters changing news?

Mobile phones are under utilised for journalism in India.

In India electricity is not available 24x7. English language literacy is going down while the Roman script is getting massified due to advertising. Satellite television is still an urban phenomenon and exclusively an entertainment medium. In these situations we find people taking to mobile phones for entertainment and connecting. It has already become the media of the masses. However, as a platform for news it's potential remains unexplored because the newspaper in Indian languages still is very cheap and has a place of pride in Indian society.

A single smartphone can

A single smartphone can replace a video and still camera - that's a revolution right there. Also, you don't need a professional to operate it and people carry them everywhere. Our ideas about "local" or "international" news will never be the same again. More changes are in order, certainly and smartphones are driving force behind these changes.

Take the BBC - they are

Take the BBC - they are giving reporters smartphones, and working on a citizen journalism app. Any way news organizations can cut costs by enabling (or forcing?) reporters and regular people to do the work of specialized technicians is now legit. I don't see it as a good change for journalists, but it's already happening.

There's no doubt smartphones

There's no doubt smartphones are revolutionizing journalism and a lot of traditional news organizations, but they won't be able to replace reporting. Journalists will have to do a lot more "curating" (buzz word du jour) and journalism is changing through the format in which it is presented, no doubt about it.

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