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Sherry Ricchiardi is an international journalist and media development specialist based in Washington, D.C. She has worked with journalists in 35 countries, most recently Mongolia and Bangladesh.

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Advice for female journalists facing harassment on the job

In a recent survey of 1,000 female journalists, 65 percent said they've faced harassment at work. Here are some ways to handle it. 

Sherry Ricchiardi | June 25, 2015

Five survival tips for reporting about religion in dangerous environments

Brian Pellot, director of global strategy for Religion News Service, offers advice for religion reporters to carry out their work safely. 

Sherry Ricchiardi | June 09, 2015

UNESCO releases report on digital threats to journalists

The new report offers guidelines, tips and resources for staying safe online. 

Sherry Ricchiardi | April 30, 2015

Tips for Ukrainian reporters covering conflict, plus eight free safety manuals for journalists

Ricchiardi lists tips for local journalists covering the Ukraine-Russia conflict, and curates free guides that any reporter can turn to for safety tips. 

Sherry Ricchiardi | March 31, 2015

Tools for planning high-risk reporting assignments

The Rory Peck Trust offers resources including templates for assessing risk, crafting a communications plan and filing a proof of life document. 

Sherry Ricchiardi | March 09, 2015

Global coalition sets safety standards for freelance journalists

Media watchdogs, freelance journalists and major news outlets released the guidelines both for freelancers and newsrooms that commission their work, and so far 30 organizations have signed on. 

Sherry Ricchiardi | February 25, 2015

Finding Your Lead

Question approach: Answer in less than 25 words. What is the story about?

Sherry Ricchiardi | June 27, 2008