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Natasha Tynes is a Jordanian-American freelance journalist, media development professional and entrepreneur. She blogs for IJNet and the Huffington Post while running her digital strategy company, Tynes Media Group. Tynes is fluent in Arabic and based in Washington, D.C.

Latest Stories

Citizen journalism app uses crowdsourcing to determine top stories

A new iPhone app, the brainchild of Lebanese entrepreneur Mark Malkoun, hopes to harness citizen journalists to select the best news stories.

Natasha Tynes | June 13, 2012

Tips and apps for better iPhone photography

If the best camera is always the one you have handy, the iPhone is becoming that camera for journalists. Here are tips from award-winning iPhone photographer Cindi Hobgood for taking better photos.

Natasha Tynes | May 04, 2012

Storyful iPhone app identifies the best of social media news

Busy journalists who lack the time to sift through the social media noise can use a free new iPhone application that allows them to identify the day's best social media information with just a few clicks.

Natasha Tynes | April 25, 2012

Magda Abu-Fadil on training Arab journalists in a time of transition

Veteran Lebanese reporters Magda Abu-Fadil and Sanaa El Jack recently founded their own training organization to teach journalists in English, French and Arabic.

Natasha Tynes | April 16, 2012

Web journalists learn, network on popular Twitter chat

Journalists can network, hear about the latest online news industry trends and learn social media tips and tricks by joining #wjchat, a popular weekly chat via Twitter.

Natasha Tynes | April 04, 2012

Photo project aims to shatter stereotypes of Arab men

Canadian-Iraqi photojournalist Tamara Abdul Hadi wants to show a different side of Arab men than the violent, macho one often shown in the media. Her project "Picture an Arab Man" reveals new angles, with the subjects often posing partly nude.

Natasha Tynes | March 28, 2012

Community radio stations ride newly freed Arab airwaves

IJNet talked to Daoud Kuttab, general director of a new program supporting community radio in several Arab countries.

Natasha Tynes | March 21, 2012

Journalism project crowdsources memorial to victims of Syrian conflict

Faces of the Fallen is a new journalism project that aims to humanize the victims of the uprising in Syria.

Natasha Tynes | March 06, 2012