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A San Francisco native, she has lived and worked in Italy, writing about science and tech as well as design and art for publications including Wired, Newsweek and The Wall Street Journal Europe. She has a master’s degree in communications from L'Universita' degli Studi di Firenze in Florence, Italy and a bachelor's degree in journalism from San Francisco State University.

Latest Stories

Lessons for journalists from the New York Times TV show

IJNet screened the first four episodes of NYTV, the new local TV show that uses videos from The New York Times, and found some valuable lessons for journalists.

Nicole Martinelli | June 16, 2011

Citizen journalists in Mexico monitor border safety via Twitter

In a country where reporting can be treacherous, people are using Twitter to spread news.
Drug cartels are making Mexico's borders more dangerous than ever. People who used to cross over into Texas for shopping jaunts and tourist excursions no longer felt safe on the roads. Enter anonymous Twitter accounts with real-time reports.

Nicole Martinelli | June 13, 2011

FCC Report: Journalism schools should adopt medical residency model

Journalism may not be brain surgery, but a report by the Federal Communications Commission recommends that aspiring reporters go through residency programs just as doctors do.

Nicole Martinelli | June 10, 2011

Getting started as a foreign correspondent

Tips from Graham Holliday, a photojournalist, university lecturer and BBC journalism trainer.

Nicole Martinelli | June 08, 2011

Apple may kill the kiosk with digital "Newsstand"

Extra, extra: Apple is raising its battle cry to become a heavyweight contender in the digital publishing arena with a new app called Newsstand.

Nicole Martinelli | June 06, 2011

5 LinkedIn tips for freelance journalists

As part of IJNet's ongoing series of tips for using social media, we took part in a seminar for journalists from social networking colossus LinkedIn. Here are our top five tips for freelancers.

Nicole Martinelli | June 03, 2011

Are citizen journalism apps ready for prime time?

With the Arab Spring turning everyday citizens with cell phones into reporters and witnesses of tumultuous events, the time for the citizen journalism app has come. Here are five worth checking out.

Nicole Martinelli | May 27, 2011

Al Jazeera to launch citizen journalism training

In an era of explosive global stories and shrinking news budgets, Al Jazeera is the latest broadcaster with plans to create training for citizen journalists.

Nicole Martinelli | May 20, 2011