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A San Francisco native, she has lived and worked in Italy, writing about science and tech as well as design and art for publications including Wired, Newsweek and The Wall Street Journal Europe. She has a master’s degree in communications from L'Universita' degli Studi di Firenze in Florence, Italy and a bachelor's degree in journalism from San Francisco State University.

Latest Stories

"Embrace the disruption of the journalism business," says Richard Gingras of Google News

The news industry will never go back to the way it was, says Richard Gingras of Google News, and if you're not embracing the changes in how information is created, consumed and shared, you may be left behind.

Nicole Martinelli | March 09, 2012

How the BBC trains bilingual reporters to become "Superman"

Making the most of its resources in an era of declining budgets, the BBC is training some of its bilingual reporters to work across multiple platforms and languages at the same time.

Nicole Martinelli | February 29, 2012

Five ways to kickstart a journalism career

A recent webchat with experts from The Guardian offered some tips on how to break into journalism. Here are IJNet's main takeaways.

Nicole Martinelli | February 21, 2012

Anonymous blog gathers the gripes of journalists

Journalists who need to let off steam about the good, the bad and the ugly of the profession can sound off anonymously at a website called -30-. IJNet talked to the former newsman behind it.

Nicole Martinelli | February 09, 2012

Q&A with Big World Magazine founder and journalism professor Mary D'Ambrosio

Journalist, instructor and founder of Big World Magazine Mary D'Ambrosio shares her thoughts on citizen journalism, international reporting and opportunities for freelancers.

Nicole Martinelli | January 31, 2012

Four alternatives to online photo editor Picnik

Journalists and bloggers who used online photo editor Picnik are seeking alternatives after Google announced it would shutter the site. Here are IJNet's picks.

Nicole Martinelli | January 24, 2012

What the controversial US copyright bills might mean for bloggers

With Wikipedia gone dark and a black band around Google, organizations are protesting US legislation designed to protect copyright and trademark holders.

Nicole Martinelli | January 18, 2012

Five gadgets from CES that are ideal for journalists

With 2,700 companies pitching products to 5,000 members of the press in Las Vegas at the 2012 International CES, it's easy to get dazed and confused by the avalanche of over-hyped gadgets.

Here are five IJNet thinks journalists should keep an eye on for their reporting toolkits.

Nicole Martinelli | January 13, 2012