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A San Francisco native, she has lived and worked in Italy, writing about science and tech as well as design and art for publications including Wired, Newsweek and The Wall Street Journal Europe. She has a master’s degree in communications from L'Universita' degli Studi di Firenze in Florence, Italy and a bachelor's degree in journalism from San Francisco State University.

Latest Stories

Twitter has first pics of freed Al Jazeera reporter

Dorothy Parvaz, a reporter for Al Jazeera English, spent 19 days in custody before being freed early Wednesday. The first photos of her surfaced on Twitter.

Nicole Martinelli | May 18, 2011

Newspusher seeks video submissions from freelancers

Paris-based Newspusher is a video news on-demand service that has sold stories from freelancers to outlets around the globe. IJNet talked to CEO Lionel Faucher about what content sells most and where they want to expand coverage.

Nicole Martinelli | May 12, 2011

World News on Demand aims to provide virtual news agency for freelancers

The recently launched portal World News on Demand (WNOD) wants to connect international freelancers with news outlets. IJNet learned more about it from former journalist and founder Eugenio Hernandez.

Nicole Martinelli | April 18, 2011

Swagapalooza: how marketers reach journalists now

Swagapalooza events aim to get journalists talking about new products and services through entertainment. IJNet checked out the freebie fest held at a San Francisco nightclub.

Nicole Martinelli | April 13, 2011

World Press Freedom Day to focus on new media

As journalists around the world use social media to report breaking news and grapple with Internet blackouts, World Press Freedom Day will highlight the challenges and opportunities that new technology brings.

Nicole Martinelli | April 06, 2011

"Epic" Internet meme brings levity to Libya crisis

Although civil war is no laughing matter, a new Internet meme is provoking chuckles while keeping Libya in the spotlight. IJNet tracked down the student behind the "Epic Libyan" social media trend to ask why he does it.

Nicole Martinelli | April 04, 2011

Photojournalist in Japan on covering disasters in your own backyard

Gianni Giosue is a Tokyo-based international freelance photographer who covers social issues in
Asia. He talked to IJNet about covering a major event on home turf and offered some advice for journalists taking photographs.

Nicole Martinelli | April 01, 2011

Journalists: 5 tweets guaranteed to get you fired

Journalists have been getting fired for tweeting the wrong things. Here are five types of tweets to avoid if you want to keep your job.

Nicole Martinelli | March 23, 2011