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Margaret Looney

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Nascida em Louisiana, Margy é formada em jornalismo pela Universidade do Estado de Louisiana. 

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Twitter tips from The New York Times social media team

Managers of @nytimes, which boasts more than 10 million followers, share lessons gleaned from the account's most popular tweets of 2013.

Margaret Looney | January 06, 2014

The BBC's best practices for verifying user-generated content

The BBC UGC Hub made it possible for its journalists to accent breaking news stories with on-the-scene footage in a matter of minutes. Here's how.

Margaret Looney | December 24, 2013

Three ways newsrooms experimented with video in 2013

Newsrooms haven't wasted time innovating in the online video space. Here's a look back at how journalists leveraged the exploding medium.

Margaret Looney | December 20, 2013

Four tools that aim to make journalists and their data more secure

These four open-source encryption tools enable journalists to browse the web anonymously, receive documents and communicate with whistleblowers over a secure connection.

Margaret Looney | December 17, 2013

2013's top social media tools for journalists

As more journalists embrace social media, more tools become available to help them make sense of all the updates. Here are some of the year's best.

Margaret Looney | December 13, 2013

How robots helped create The Guardian's long-form newspaper

Algorithms select the content and design the layout for The Long Good Read, a weekly print edition of The Guardian's long-form articles.

Margaret Looney | December 04, 2013

Knight Lab's Joe Germuska: "We have to find room for the big experimental ideas"

How Northwestern University's Knight Lab develops news technology from idea to product.

Margaret Looney | December 04, 2013

Women in India use mobile news service to report incidents of rape

A community news outlet is giving a voice to victims of rape in a country where that crime is often swept under the rug.

Margaret Looney | November 27, 2013