Margaret Looney

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Nascida em Louisiana, Margy é formada em jornalismo pela Universidade do Estado de Louisiana. 

Latest Stories

How TV news can cut through the static

In a three-part series on rethinking TV news, media blogger Jeff Jarvis proposes how to take broadcast journalism to the next level.

Margaret Looney | March 04, 2014

Underused Google Plus hacks for journalists

Whether you're a devout Google Plus user, or think it's a social network more for Google's benefit than your own, there are some great ways to use it that you might be missing.

Margaret Looney | February 25, 2014

What journalists and documentary filmmakers can learn from one another

With web-native multimedia features and interactive elements permeating both journalism and documentary filmmaking, two crafts that were once distinct are beginning to blur.

Margaret Looney | February 12, 2014

BuzzFeed CEO: 'There's a way to internationalize that didn't exist before'

Socially driven site BuzzFeed has the global reach of social media to thank for its international expansion.

Margaret Looney | February 06, 2014

Spurring cross-border collaboration on journalism investigations in Latin America

Colombian journalist and Connectas Director Carlos Eduardo Huertas talks with IJNet about the state of investigative journalism in Latin America and a project that's helping it take off.

Margaret Looney | February 05, 2014

'Hollow' creators offer tips for making interactive documentaries

Web-based video projects are blowing the lid off the traditional, linear form of storytelling. Makers of a groundbreaking interactive documentary shared their advice for diving into this quickly evolving story form.

Margaret Looney | January 31, 2014

A guide to using social media to report breaking news--without getting burned

The European Journalism Centre's new Verification Handbook is a free, online, "definitive guide to verifying digital content for emergency coverage."

Margaret Looney | January 28, 2014

BBC News launches video experiment on Instagram

To try to reach news consumers on the go, BBC News' Instafax offers three videos recapping the major headlines of the day.

Margaret Looney | January 22, 2014