Margaret Looney

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Nascida em Louisiana, Margy é formada em jornalismo pela Universidade do Estado de Louisiana. 

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How media could play a role in the Millennium Development Goals

Media and good-governance advocates are pushing to make access to independent media part of the new global framework for development.

Margaret Looney | May 12, 2014

Four free ways to add interactivity to your next news story

Multimedia journalism professor Steven King showcased free and inexpensive interactive storytelling tools at the recent Journalism Interactive conference. Here are IJNet's top picks.

Margaret Looney | April 15, 2014

Do you think news aggregation is evil? "Get over it," Newspeg creator says

A panel on news startups and entrepreneurs at the recent Journalism Interactive conference sparked a conversation on the role of news curation and aggregation.

Margaret Looney | April 09, 2014

Four sites that are leading digital news video into the future

Three digitally native news sites and one legacy broadcaster are showing how news outlets can best take advantage of trends in video consumption.

Margaret Looney | March 27, 2014

How transmedia reporting could make journalism investigations more transparent

Journalists launching an investigation into a big company or powerful group could benefit from having the audience engaged from the beginning through transmedia storytelling.

Margaret Looney | March 20, 2014

Media innovator Justin Arenstein on why newsrooms should use APIs

Newsrooms should leave behind a resource that can be reused and repurposed. Here's why.

Margaret Looney | March 19, 2014

Africa’s newsrooms experiment with charging for data

With traditional advertising no longer a sustainable business model, news outlets are experimenting with alternatives. A new one is on the rise: data as revenue.

Margaret Looney | March 12, 2014

How TV news can cut through the static

In a three-part series on rethinking TV news, media blogger Jeff Jarvis proposes how to take broadcast journalism to the next level.

Margaret Looney | March 04, 2014