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Knight International Journalism Fellow Miguel Paz is a Chilean journalist and founder and CEO of Poderopedia, a data journalism website created through a 2011 Knight News Challenge grant. Poderopedia reveals the links among business and political elites. Paz is also the president of Poderomedia Foundation Foundation, an organization that promotes use of new technologies to increase transparency. Paz is the co-creator of the Hacks/Hackers Chile chapter in Santiago and 2012 Start-Up Chile winner. He is now a Nieman-Berkman Fellow for 2014-2015.

Latest Stories

Poderopedia chapters in Venezuela and Colombia will map who is who in business and politics

Poderopedia, the platform that maps relationships among the powerful in Chile, expands.

Miguel Paz | May 01, 2014

Journalists will use Poderopedia-powered platform to inform voters in Panama

Major media outlets in Panama are collaborating to use data-driven reporting to cover the country's May elections.

Miguel Paz | February 19, 2014

11 ways to rethink open data and make it relevant to the public

It’s time to transform open data from a trendy concept among policy wonks and news nerds into something tangible in the everyday life of citizens, businesses and grassroots organizations.

Miguel Paz | February 13, 2014

Why 'news nerds' are an essential part of quality reporting

More nerds in the newsroom, fewer consultants, data journalism for hire and more predictions for journalism in 2014.

Miguel Paz | January 01, 2014

Paving the way for data journalism in a divided Venezuela

In a politically polarized country, how can data journalism improve the quality of debate in the public interest?

Miguel Paz | December 06, 2013

Want to map the powerful in your community, as Poderopedia does? There's a platform for that.

The Knight News Challenge-winning platform Poderopedia releases its Plug & Play version.

Miguel Paz | June 25, 2013

How to plan a successful hackathon

Knight International Journalism Fellow Miguel Paz gives a few tips on how to create a community and organize a hackathon with lasting results.

Miguel Paz | June 03, 2013

Steal this story: Poderopedia invites users to republish its work, use its code

Poderopedia, which reveals relationships among elites in a country or region, now makes it easy for users to republish, reuse and add to the platform's content and code.

Miguel Paz | May 15, 2013