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Knight International Journalism Fellow Mariano Blejman is creating the first news innovation contest in Latin America. Blejman is an editor and media entrepreneur specializing in data-driven journalism. In 2011, he co-founded Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires, a local chapter of the group that brings technologists and journalists together to find solutions to information problems. Prior to his Knight Fellowship, Blejman worked at the Argentine newspaper Página/12 for 14 years. He was an editor and writer for the digital culture section and editor-in-chief of a weekly supplement on youth culture, rock music and technology.

Latest Stories

Media Factory: Building a network of mentors to accelerate the creation of sustainable news organizations

Media Factory is an accelerator for the creation of new Latin American media organizations.

Mariano Blejman | November 14, 2013

Why journalists need to learn about metadata

Each time we take a photo, create a document, or send an email, we leave an electronic record behind.

Mariano Blejman | October 31, 2013

Journalism reloaded: the Buenos Aires Media Party

As governments, platforms and societies evolve, the media must reinvent themselves. The recent three-day Hacks/Hackers Media Party in Buenos Aires shows how they can do it.

Mariano Blejman | August 28, 2013

Six open data challenges the Buenos Aires Media Party will tackle

Attendees will join a community that is helping to drive journalism into the future.

Mariano Blejman | July 29, 2013

News app tracks voting records in Argentina

This visualization app helps people understand Argentina’s National Congress elections.

Mariano Blejman | July 19, 2013

How Media Factory will accelerate change in Latin American media

There is a broken link between venture capital and entrepreneurial journalism. Media Factory will help solve this problem by offering capital, mentoring and other support to media startups.

Mariano Blejman | July 17, 2013

Latin America's first DataBootCamp set to spark media innovation

Why 90 journalists and programmers from Bolivia’s major media organizations are ready to set aside their work for three days to embark on the adventure of telling stories with data.

Mariano Blejman | May 31, 2013

HackDash: a free platform for organizing collaborative projects

A new open source platform makes it easier to propose and put together a hackathon.

Mariano Blejman | May 14, 2013