Jorge Luis Sierra

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Jorge Luis Sierra is an ICFJ Knight Fellow working on digital security and safety. He previously spent time in Panama and Mexico for four years, developing digital tools to map crime, corruption and attacks on journalists and bloggers. Sierra was an award-winning Mexican investigative reporter and editor, writing on Latino issues and a range of conflict-related topics such as drug trafficking, organized crime, counterinsurgency and gangs. Sierra studied international journalism at the University of Southern California; defense policy and economics at the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies, National Defense University; psychology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico; and creative writing at the School of Writers in Mexico City.

Latest Stories

Why encryption doesn’t need to be an obstacle

Encryption is important for journalists worldwide. ICFJ Knight Fellow Jorge Luis Sierra breaks through the complexities of encryption systems to give readers a user-friendly guide to encryption tools. 

Jorge Luis Sierra | February 02, 2016

Newsrooms should change editorial workflow to prevent government spying

ICFJ Knight Fellow Jorge Luis Sierra discusses why new digital technologies alone can't enhance cybersecurity. Newsrooms have to change their habits to make full use of the tools at their disposal.

Jorge Luis Sierra | November 18, 2015

Colombian journalists face new challenges with digital attacks on the rise

ICFJ Knight Fellow Jorge Luis Sierra evaluated the safety of journalists at five online media organizations in Colombia using his risk assessment app Salama. 

Jorge Luis Sierra | September 28, 2015

Making a case for encryption, from guacamole recipes to top-secret documents

Encryption, a process to code information in such a way that only authorized people can read it, should be a matter of everyday practice for any journalist.

Jorge Luis Sierra | June 18, 2015

How journalists can use technology to protect themselves

ICFJ Knight Fellow Jorge Luis Sierra profiles four journalists who have used technology to protect their reporting and lives.

Jorge Luis Sierra | May 15, 2015

Journalists in danger zones face harsh choice: death or self-censorship

Journalists throughout Latin America are being threatened, kidnapped and murdered. ICFJ Knight Fellow Jorge Luis Sierra shares ways journalists can stay safe.

Jorge Luis Sierra | April 13, 2015

Tabeir Iraq aims to help journalists and bloggers stay safe

Iraqi journalists have a tool to track attacks against them, a platform to help them design risk-reduction plans and a cadre of trainers in security. 

Jorge Luis Sierra | October 30, 2014

Press freedom threatened by digital attacks [World Press Freedom Day]

Journalists and bloggers who try to reveal corruption, electoral rigging and inefficient public policies become the target of digital warfare.

Jorge Luis Sierra | May 02, 2014