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Knight International Journalism Fellow James Breiner created Latin America's first digital journalism center at the University of Guadalajara. For two years, James was the director of the master's program in Global Business Journalism at Tsinghua University in Beijing. James now writes for his blog, News Entrepreneurs, and is a visiting professor of communication and digital art at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico

Latest Stories

Culture website ProDaVinci prospers in repressive Venezuela

Venezuela-based journalist and economist Angel Alayon discusses the economics behind creating a website focused on finance, art, literature, science and technology.

James Breiner | December 31, 2014

Internet companies like Google, Facebook now dominate news distribution

Despite an increased number of platforms to publish news and opinions, Internet corporations have monopolized production and distribution of the news just as newspaper mergers did back in the day. 

James Breiner | December 24, 2014

How a freelancer turned entrepreneurial journalist launched his own media business

After losing his job, Mexican journalist Erick Falcon became a digital entrepreneur with a successful website. Despite the success, he still was asked, "Where's the print version?" 

James Breiner | November 19, 2014

Latin American media pioneers offer finance advice to independent news outlets

Digital journalism leaders from Animal Politico, Sin Embargo, La Silla Vacía and Ojo Publico explain how they financed independent news sites and offer suggestions for future media entrepreneurs.

James Breiner | November 11, 2014

News sites in Latin America fall short on audience engagement, multimedia

A study produced by Universidad Iberoamericana and Factual reveals Latin American news organizations don't interact with audiences via social media often and lack visuals.

James Breiner | November 06, 2014

Business journalism remains a 'great school for life'

Why Mexican journalist Francisco Vidal Bonifaz thinks business journalism will continue to thrive in a struggling industry.

James Breiner | October 01, 2014

A roundup of digital news startups around the world

As traditional news organizations cut back on staff and coverage, thousands of digital startups are popping up all over the world to fill the gaps.

James Breiner | August 26, 2014

Teaching media in the digital age

A communications professor shared his approach to teaching students about media.

James Breiner | August 05, 2014