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Knight International Journalism Fellow James Breiner created Latin America's first digital journalism center at the University of Guadalajara. For two years, James was the director of the master's program in Global Business Journalism at Tsinghua University in Beijing. James now writes for his blog, News Entrepreneurs, and is a visiting professor of communication and digital art at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico

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As news consumers and advertisers turn to smartphones, publishers struggle to keep up

With Internet giants like Facebook, Google and Apple taking up an increasing share of newsreaders' attention, how will independent publishers keep up?

James Breiner | September 23, 2015

How mobile metrics fall short for news outlets and advertisers

Measuring Internet traffic is no simple matter, but metrics are important for advertisers to determine how much they'll pay for their messages to appear in a digital publication.

James Breiner | July 13, 2015

Mimic these eight common practices of successful entrepreneurial journalists

James Breiner has seen many entrepreneurial journalists fail and succeed. Here, he shares what common practices worked, and which ones didn't pan out.

James Breiner | June 15, 2015

Spain's satirical Revista Mongolia offers humor but still struggles with business model

Eduardo Galan runs a satirical monthly called Revista Mongolia, which stays afloat thanks to its events and dedicated audience.

James Breiner | May 25, 2015

How Facebook and Google are capturing news traffic and advertising

Platforms like Facebook and Google are controlling what readers see, and news organizations are becoming even more dependent on traffic from social mediums.

James Breiner | May 13, 2015

Quartz editor: Digital journalists must also become user-experience designers

James Breiner discusses the mindset behind digital business models with Gideon Lichfield, the senior editor of Quartz.

James Breiner | March 23, 2015

News publishers shift focus from advertising to audience development and exemplify how outlets are competing with social networks to own the audience - and the advertisers - for news. 

James Breiner | March 17, 2015

How universities can sneak digital innovation into journalism curricula

How professors can sneak creativity into their entrepreneurial journalism courses.

James Breiner | March 10, 2015