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Why investing in journalism and media creates lasting change

When foundations and other organizations invest in media development, they hope better information will improve communities--and people's lives. A new report shows more than 20 concrete examples of that idea at work.

IJNet | May 17, 2011

Investigative reporters uncover the facts behind Egypt’s massive prison break

When journalists Hisham Allam and Ahmed Ragab at Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper read reports claiming that Egyptian authorities released 504 prisoners from Marg prison north of Cairo in order to foment chaos during the uprising, they knew there was more to the story.

IJNet | May 16, 2011

Check out IJNet's coverage of World Press Freedom Day

IJNet brings you news and interviews from UNESCO's World Press Freedom Day global conference May 1 - 3.

IJNet | May 01, 2011

Help make press freedom a global trend online

Join a social media call to action campaign to tell your leaders and peers to take a stand in the protection of the fundamental right to freedom of expression.

IJNet | April 29, 2011

How a regional TV news show trumped national networks at predicting an election

A TV news program in Peru that focuses on regional voices is proving that it can better gauge the pulse of voters than some national networks.

IJNet | April 29, 2011

Content farm hires top journalists to form advisory board

In the latest move to rid itself of the content farm label, website has put together an advisory board with journalists from top news organizations.

IJNet | April 05, 2011

10 Steps to Citizen Journalism Online

10 STEPS TO CITIZEN JOURNALISM ONLINE is an interactive training module intended as a basic introduction to the new online world of Web logs or "blogs."

IJNet | February 02, 2011

Manual for reporters covering HIV/AIDS online

An online training manual, published by the Inter Press Service, is designed to be used as part of a week-long training on gender and HIV training.

IJNet | January 26, 2011