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ICFJ Knight Fellow Fabiola Torres López is an investigative journalist and editor from Lima, Peru. As an ICFJ Knight Fellow, she helps journalists in Central America, Mexico and Colombia to adopt the latest digital investigative journalism skills to improve their coverage on of corruption, transparency and governance issues. She is strengthening connections between international, national and local media in the region by connecting newsrooms to the CONNECTAS investigative journalism hub to produce innovative cross-border reporting.

Torres López is a co-founder and editor of OjoPúblico, an independent, non-profit Peruvian newsroom known internationally for its award-winning investigative journalism. She co-authored the “The Swiss Army Knife for Journalists: Digital investigative tools in the era of Big Data,” a data journalism guide for Hispanic investigative reporters. In 2017, she became a member of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

She has extensive experience managing teams across Latin America on major investigative reporting projects. Under Torres López's leadership, OjoPúblico published the Big Pharma Project, a transnational investigation about pharmaceutical company malpractice in Latin America. She coordinated the Memoria Robada project, a cross-border investigation on the trafficking of Latin American cultural patrimony, and also led OjoPúblico’s Cuentas Juradas and Cuidados Intensivos investigations.

Prior to founding OjoPúblico, Torres López worked for eight years at Peru's El Comercio newspaper. She was a member of the investigative team and reported on political corruption as well as social and health issues. Torres López is the co-founder of Hacks/Hackers Lima and was a 2015 Kiplinger Fellow in Digital Journalism at Ohio State University.

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