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Daria Sukharchuk is a freelance journalist based in Berlin. She studied Chinese history and culture at Moscow State University, then got her M.A. from Erasmus Mundus Journalism program. She specializes in human rights, but is also a history nerd, and is happy to educate people about her "exotic" country.

Latest Stories

Insurance plan offers protection for freelancers and fixers in dangerous environments

How freelancers, fixers and reporters everywhere can use Insurance for Journalists, an inexpensive insurance policy designed with journalists in mind.

Daria Sukharchuk | March 21, 2017

Innovative media website revisits Russian Revolution 100 years later

For "Project 1917," a group of Russian journalists, historians and more teamed up to tell the story of the Russian Revolution in a web documentary format. Here's how they did it.

Daria Sukharchuk | December 06, 2016