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During his time as an ICFJ Knight Fellow, Christopher Guess worked with a network of media organizations and investigative reporting centers in Eastern Europe and Eurasia to develop long-term sustainability plans and improve management practices.

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Mobile app gives news organizations the 'Push' they need

ICFJ Knight Fellow Christopher Guess introduces his mobile news app "Push," which will help smaller organizations and news outlets deliver content efficiently to readers.

Christopher Guess | November 01, 2016

Secure messaging apps: The pros and cons of each platform

Messaging apps are the new front line in ensuring secure communications between journalists, sources and contacts. Here are several different options and their pros and cons.

Christopher Guess | July 06, 2016

In defense of old-school reporting tactics in the age of data journalism

ICFJ Knight Fellow Christopher Guess explains why data journalism technologies will never replace tried-and-true journalism skills.

Christopher Guess | May 17, 2016

Mobile app helps Azerbaijani TV station push the news out

Can mobile news platforms help free press survive? Learn how ICFJ Knight Fellow Chris Guess launched iOS and Android apps for the last independent news outlet in Azerbaijan.

Christopher Guess | March 17, 2016

Why news startups need web editors

ICFJ Knight Fellow Christopher Guess argues that digital news startup organizations are not paying enough attention to the value of a solid web editor.

Christopher Guess | January 22, 2016

Wearables: A news distribution dream

Now that people can receive news on their wrist, news outlets have a responsiblity to tailor those notifications as much as possible. ICFJ Knight Fellow Christopher Guess gives some insight on how. 

Christopher Guess | August 05, 2015

Lessons newspapers can take from the tech world: give your weird ideas a chance

ICFJ Knight Fellow Chris Guess writes about a key obstacle holding back innovation in journalism and how the industry's mentality has to change.

Christopher Guess | June 22, 2015

Why 'innovation' needs to take a step back

ICFJ Knight Fellow Chris Guess asks us to reevaluate the word innovation and focus on concepts that are truly changing the media landscape.

Christopher Guess | April 29, 2015