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Ashley ran the social media accounts for IJNet English and continues to write for IJNet. Previously a reporter for, she most recently lived in Kyrgyzstan where she served as a Peace Corps volunteer, learned Russian and taught English. She graduated from Temple University in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and worked at The Temple News. She has affinities for Philadelphia, Turkey Hill ice cream and reading the news.

Latest Stories

How Coda Story will add continuity to crisis coverage one story at a time

Coda Story, a nonprofit startup, will stay in crisis zones for up to a year after most journalists have left. Here's how they're reinventing the wheel of digital journalism.

Ashley Nguyen | January 19, 2016

At Creative Time Reports, newsworthy stories are told with artists' voices

Creative Time Reports, a multimedia website, allows artists worldwide to weigh in on the news in unique and inspiring ways.

Ashley Nguyen | January 13, 2016

India's Priyanka Dubey shares key tips to telling sensitive stories

Priyanka Dubey, an Indian investigative journalist and one of this year's Knight International Journalism Award winners, shares how she reports on sensitive topics.

Ashley Nguyen | November 10, 2015

14ymedio's Yoani Sánchez: 'Technology is an incredible ally for independent journalism in Cuba'

Knight International Journalism Award winner and Cuban journalist Yoani Sánchez tells IJNet how she is making her digital news outlet 14ymedio into a blueprint for the future of independent media in Cuba.

Ashley Nguyen | November 10, 2015

What to expect when attending your first hackathon

More and more, journalists are asked to work with technologists in the newsroom. Attending a hackathon can be good practice for both sides of the digital newsroom equation.

Ashley Nguyen | November 09, 2015

Journalist of the month: Wade C.L. Williams

Liberian investigative journalist Wade C.L. Williams has covered everything from the Liberian presidential office to human rights issues. Williams tells IJNet about her first story during the Ebola crisis.

Ashley Nguyen | October 28, 2015

Media Impact Project's Dana Chinn: 'Add audience analytics to what is essential to journalism'

The director of the University of Southern California's Media Impact Project encourages journalists to spend 15 minutes a day taking an audience-first approach to data.

Ashley Nguyen | October 01, 2015

How El Meme built an online community — and is making money doing it

El Meme isn't exactly a journalism site, but it draws advertisers and millennials. Here's what they've learned from journalists and what news outlets can learn from them.

Ashley Nguyen | September 01, 2015