Adi Eyal

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Adi Eyal is the founder of Code for South Africa, a citizen technology organization based in Cape Town. Code for South Africa seeks to use data and technology to promote informed decision making in order to drive social change.

Trained as a computer scientist, Eyal spent 15 years developing commercial software before he saw the value of data and how it can change minds, influence policy, support activism and help us understand the world around us. He describes himself as an unapologetic data nerd with a passion for finding stories where others only see numbers.

During his Fellowship, he is leading the establishment of Africa’s first data-driven journalism academy and newsroom. The focus of this academy is to train journalists to use data and digital tools to develop stories that increase and enhance audience engagement.

Latest Stories

The truth-seeker’s toolbox: How journalists can debunk false facts on their own

A wide range of fact-checking organizations have sprung up around the world to combat misinformation — but using this technique, journalists can fact-check any claim on their own.

Adi Eyal | February 01, 2017

Why publishing more open data isn’t enough to empower citizens

Some believe that the open data movement has stalled in recent years. ICFJ Knight Fellow Adi Eyal offers some insights on how to best use open data to generate real world impact. 

Adi Eyal | January 11, 2017

What we learned training South Africa's new generation of data journalists

ICFJ Knight Fellow Adi Eyal has helped launch a data journalism training academy to help South African newsrooms improve data literacy in order to find stories and complement investigations. 

Adi Eyal | October 04, 2016