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Mariana Santos is a motion and interactive designer at the Guardian, London. In her team, developers, journalists and designers imagine, create and develop user experiences for interactive stories' consumption.

To come up with a great intuitive experience for the users is her main goal, as that's the most efficient way to communicate big sets of data backed inside a story, ready to be consumed. She tried to find new ways of telling news stories, and that's when she converted stories from the news rooms into animations, re-purposing her info-graphics and illustrations into little films where the story was not only told but showed in visuals, searching for an emotional concept that would touch and engage a wider spectrum of the readership.
She's now part of ICFJ Knight Fellowship and will look forward to develop visual storytelling practices in Latin American news rooms, creating a network if visual thinkers, illustrators and designer and engaging them inside news rooms into a team building exercise to create visual stories. Another edge she'd like to empower is on how to bring more woman into the tech environment inside news.
Based in Costa Rica working with La Nacion, she will be collaborating with Poderopedia in Chile and Hacks and Hackers Media Party in Argentina, among other projects.

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