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Six tips for journalists on launching a successful blog

Award-winning blogger and reporter Jordi Pérez Colomé offered some tips for running a successful blog.

Valentina Gimenez | March 23, 2012

Five tips for journalists who want to self-publish e-books

Pablo Barrio Aller, director of digital publishing project “Ganso y Pulpo,” spoke to IJNet about publishing e-books.

Valentina Gimenez | March 22, 2012

Five tips for producing quality public TV

Journalist and academic Eugenio Bucci said public media are often a “bad imitation” of commercial TV. Here's his take on how to improve it.

Valentina Gimenez | March 15, 2012

Journalists protest the ban on questions at government press conferences

Journalists in Argentina and Spain are fighting the growing trend of government press conferences that don't allow questions by protesting on social media.

Valentina Gimenez | March 09, 2012

Proofreaders unite to defend their profession

In an era when more journalists are self-publishing online, proofreaders in Latin America are banding together to support and defend their profession.

Valentina Gimenez | March 05, 2012

Five tips for better narrative journalism

Alberto Salcedo Ramos, who teaches narrative journalism workshops, shared some tips for getting the story right.

Valentina Gimenez | February 22, 2012

Cartoons give a new look to local journalism

Oscar Luna, multimedia coordinator of Salvadoran website El Faro, tells IJNet about a project that transformed local news stories into an animated series.

Valentina Gimenez | February 14, 2012

Inside HispanTV, Iran's new Spanish-language channel

President Mahmud Ahmadineyad launched the first Spanish-language channel produced in the Middle East to "limit" the actions of "dominance seekers." IJNet checked it out.

Valentina Gimenez | February 08, 2012