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Mobile tech helps fight malaria in Tanzania

The Tanzanian Ministry of Health, Vodafone and Novartis have partnered to develop a project using mobile phone messaging and mapping technology to track weekly stock levels at public health facilities.

Melina Koutsis | April 26, 2011

World TB Day: How does it affect your community?

Tuberculosis kills approximately 4,700 people a day. Unfortunately, most people know very little about it. Journalists can play an important role in spreading the word about tuberculosis and how to treat it.

Melina Koutsis | March 16, 2011

Monthly newsletter available on health care issues

Journalists interested in reporting on health issues such as yellow fever, malaria and reproductive health can check out a free monthly newsletter from the Uganda Health Alliance.

Melina Koutsis | February 22, 2011

Finding statistics for your health stories

Global Health Facts, a project funded by the Kaiser Family Foundation, provides a user-friendly interface to review data on HIV/AIDs, malaria, health workforces and other health topics by country.

Melina Koutsis | February 08, 2011

A new resource for journalists in Uganda

Christopher Conte, Knight International Journalism Fellow and Vincent Akumu of the Uganda Health Communication Alliance have created a booklet to help journalists report on health issues in Uganda.

Melina Koutsis | January 24, 2011

Trainer's manual helps radio journalists report on HIV

Internews has developed a trainer's manual to help radio journalists report on HIV/AIDS.

Melina Koutsis | January 11, 2011