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International media diploma program in the UAE

Media and public relations professionals with at least two years of work experience can apply for an diploma program in international media provided by the Media Academy in the UAE.

Scholarships available for Latin Americans

Spain's Fundación Carolina seeks to promote graduate and post-graduate studies in Latin America through a large scholarship program.

Workshop on international news editing for Qatari journalists

Qatari journalists working with local media institutions are invited to participate in a five-day training course on International News Editing Standards.

War reporting course for TV journalists

Television journalists with at least one year of experience can participate in a war reporting course.

Course will focus on using broadcast dramas for social change

A course for mid-career broadcast professionals will help participants design, write and produce drama serials to help to raise public awareness and change attitudes towards development issues.

Course on the basics of Adobe Illustrator

An introductory course on Adobe Illustrator will train journalists on the basics of vector graphic creation and Illustrator’s main tools and application features.

Media research project open to experts from Mali, the DRC, Peru, Indonesia

Researchers who are experts in Mali, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Peru or Indonesia can apply for a media project. Depending on the region, the research will take place in 2011 or 2012.

Dubai course on digital photography and photo editing

Photojournalists and photographers can apply for a course in digital photography and photo editing. The course will last for 18 hours, delivered over three Saturdays.