ICFJ offers webinar on strategies for making digital news startups profitable [Worldwide]

ICFJ offers webinar on strategies for making digital news startups profitable [Worldwide]

Posted on August 15, 2017

Independent digital media in Latin America are not just producing news — they are generators of change, promoting better laws, defending human rights, exposing corruption and fighting abuses of power.

Despite the challenges they face, a growing number of entrepreneurial journalists in Latin America have developed sustainable — and even profitable — business models. And it doesn’t cost much to launch them.

These are among the many findings of an extensive new study of digital media in Latin America designed to identify best practices and help other digital outlets around the world strengthen their business models as well as their editorial independence.

The report,“Inflection Point: Impact, Threats, and Sustainability, A study of Latin American digital media entrepreneurs,” is based on interviews with 100 digital news startups across Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. It was published in July 2017 by SembraMedia, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping digital media entrepreneurs become more sustainable and successful (founded by ICFJ Knight Fellow Janine Warner).

Journalists worldwide can join a webinar led by Warner on Tuesday, Aug. 15 that will draw heavily from the report’s findings on business models and will also share highlights and lessons learned on how to mitigate other challenges that face digital media outlets, such as violence against their staff and rampant cyberattacks.

The webinar, which is supported by the Dow Jones Foundation, will be offered first in English (link to join) at 1:00 p.m. EDT and then repeated in Spanish (link) at 2:30 p.m EDT. Both versions will also be broadcast via Facebook Live on the IJNet English and Spanish Facebook pages, respectively.

During the webinar, Warner will explain the SembraMedia team’s insights and suggestions for helping digital natives to increase their impact, including:

  • Connecting these journalists with organizations that can provide legal and technical support.
  • Fostering sustainability through grants, investments, stronger management teams, audience growth and diversified revenue streams.
  • Providing business training that includes examples of the latest advertising and diversified revenue models.
  • Building alliances to grow audiences and share resources.

Please register for the webinar using this form. Registered participants will receive a reminder email as well links to Warner’s slides and video after the webinar is complete.

About the presenter:

Janine Warner is the founder and executive director of SembraMedia. As an ICFJ Knight Fellow, she is launching an online school to provide entrepreneurial journalists with business, marketing, and technical training to help them strengthen their business models. She is also growing SembraMedia’s online directory of digital media projects and entrepreneurs, creating a robust community for sharing best practices across borders.

Warner is a pioneer in digital and entrepreneurial journalism and an experienced bilingual journalist. She previously served as Director of New Media at The Miami Herald and Director of Latin American Operations for CNET Networks.