ICFJ offers webinar on leading cross-border data journalism projects [Worldwide]

ICFJ offers webinar on leading cross-border data journalism projects [Worldwide]

Posted on September 26, 2018

When journalists and newsrooms around the world work together on data-driven investigations, they have the potential to illuminate issues affecting the lives of people in multiple countries and to trace the flow of money and goods across borders.

However, coordinating these cross-border journalism teams can be a headache.

ICFJ Knight Fellow Jacopo Ottaviani knows this challenge well. He spearheads story production and engagement strategies with ICFJ partner Code for Africa in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania, building partnerships between journalists, designers and technologists. Recent projects that he helped build include InfoNile, a geojournalism platform mapping water issues in the Nile River basin of Africa, and GenderGap, an interactive tool that lets users explore gender pay gaps in African countries.

Thoughtful leadership is important even when the cross-border team is small, says Ottaviani. Setting up clear roles and expectations at the beginning of a project can help the team weather unexpected challenges and expand investigations.

Journalists worldwide can join a webinar led by Ottaviani on Wednesday, Sept. 26 that will delve into the tools and strategies newsrooms can use to launch and manage cross-border data journalism projects, including:

  • How to manage teams of journalists working across multiple time zones;

  • How to lead mid-scale data journalism initiatives;

  • How to coordinate publishing for maximum impact.

The webinar, which is supported by the Dow Jones Foundation, will be offered in English here at 10 a.m. EDT. The webinar will also be broadcast via Facebook Live on the IJNet English Facebook page.

Please register for the webinar using this form. Registered participants will receive a reminder email as well as links to Ottaviani’s slides and video after the webinar is complete.