ICFJ offers webinar on impact-tracking strategies for newsrooms [Worldwide]

ICFJ offers webinar on impact-tracking strategies for newsrooms [Worldwide]

Posted on November 27, 2017

Journalists and newsrooms everywhere share one fundamental trait in common: a desire to spark conversations and reactions among people, communities and officials in government and other institutions.

Unfortunately, it's hard to see and measure conversations when they happen. As a result, most newsrooms rely on indirect evidence of attention and engagement — like website metrics and social media reactions and shares — to track their impact.

ICFJ Knight Fellow Pedro Burgos aims to improve how newsrooms monitor and track their impact through the Impacto platform that he is developing in Brazil. The platform searches for evidence of journalism’s impact on the broader media conversation as well as government decision-making. He has already experimented with media in Brazil and shown exciting results.

If media can better track these kinds of impacts, he contends, then they will be better equipped to show the value of their journalism and build loyal audiences.

Journalists worldwide can join a webinar led by Burgos on Monday, Nov. 27 that will share vital impact-tracking strategies that any newsroom can use to understand how their work affects society in a more direct way than traffic and social media buzz.

The webinar, which is supported by the Dow Jones Foundation, will be offered in English here at 12 p.m. EST. The webinar will also be broadcast via Facebook Live on the IJNet English Facebook page.

During the webinar, Burgos will explain different tools and techniques of measuring impact, including:

  • How to use simple web forms to record and organize impact;

  • How to collect qualitative impact with automated bots and webscrapers;

  • How to use impact data to attract donors and subscribers;

Please register for the webinar using this form. Registered participants will receive a reminder email as well links to Burgos’ slides and video after the webinar is complete.