Edward R. Murrow Press Fellowship open [US]

Edward R. Murrow Press Fellowship open [US]

Posted on February 20, 2018


March 01, 2018

Print, broadcast and online journalists in the United States can apply for a US$75,000 fellowship in New York.

The Edward R. Murrow Press Fellowships seek journalists who have covered international news for a 10-month period of writing and analysis at the Council of Foreign Relations.

The program enables the fellow to increase competency in reporting and interpreting events abroad and promotes the quality of responsible and discerning journalism.

Nomination letters should provide a brief description of the candidate's background and state why the candidate is an appropriate prospect for the fellowship.

Nominees who meet the criteria will be asked to submit an essay describing their experience as a foreign correspondent, a proposed plan for the fellowship and up to three work samples.

The deadline is March 1.

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