Deadline approaching: scholarships for course in financial investigative journalism [Worldwide]

Journalists from developing countries and Eastern Europe can apply for a scholarship to attend this course organized by Finance Uncovered Sept. 17 to 21 in London.

Abraji offers training on election reporting [Brazil]

Journalists interested in how to access public data to investigate politicians can register for the course "Electoral coverage based on public information" to be held online and in four Brazilian cities by the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji).

Online course focuses on security and digital rights [Latin America]

Academia de Innovación Política organizes a two-month, online training starting June 4. Participants will learn self-defense strategies against censorship and rights violations, as well as digital security strategies.

Knight Center, IWMF offer free online course on journalists' safety [Latin America, Spain]

The course “Risk and safety in journalism in Latin America: practical steps for self-protection" will take place March 26 to April 22.

Course covers economics for journalists [Brazil]

Journalists interested in economic reporting can register for this evening course to be held in March and April in São Paulo.

Course focuses on social media management [Brazil]

Budding social media analysts can register for this course in Belo Horizonte and São Paulo.

Course focuses on humanitarian journalism [Spain]

The UAM/El País School of Journalism will offer this intensive training Feb. 10, 2018 in Madrid.

NewsU offers course on audience analytics for reporters [Worldwide]

Journalists and others interested in being more effective on social media can register for this video course.

Knight Center offers online course on fact-checking and data journalism [Latin America]

Journalists and journalism students interested in the verification of public discourse and the fundamentals of data journalism can register for this free course in Spanish.

Thomson Reuters hosts training on sustainable development [Italy, Senegal, South Africa]

Journalists with less than five years of experience and midcareer journalists who have not covered sustainability and migration are eligible for this free workshop Oct. 2 and 3 in Johannesburg; Oct. 12 and 13 in Milan; and Oct. 17 and 18 in Dakar.