Handbook aims to help journalists in exile

Journalists who have been forced out of their countries or are in voluntary exile may find useful tips in a handbook written by a Bhutanese refugee who has been working as a journalist in refugee camps.

Zul Maidy | March 31, 2009

Resources available for journalists covering disasters

Journalists covering crises and traumatic events around the world can now access a compendium of resources put together by the U.S.-based Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma for journalists covering the wildfires that killed up to 173 people in Australia's Victoria state in February.

Zul Maidy | March 31, 2009

Senior Zimbabwean journalist gives insight into working in a troubled state

This week, IJNet spoke with a senior Zimbabwean journalist who has worked in print media for 14 years and is now in exile.

Adedayo Bolaji-Adio | March 27, 2009

Advocates for a free Internet in Kazakhstan discuss proposed bans

The Lower House of the Kazakh parliament is currently discussing amendments that would consider a variety of online resources as mass media, thus subjecting the sites to being blocked if deemed in violation of Kazakh law.

Alexander Yakhontov | March 26, 2009

Report navigates the role of mobile telephones in media

Internews Network and Internews Europe recently launched a report on mobile telephones and local media, which addresses the challenges and potentials of the mobile phone as a new avenue for media communication.

Ade Adio | March 11, 2009

African journalist Frank Nyakairu discusses challenges, rewards of human rights reporting

This is the first installment of an IJNet interview series that takes an in depth look at the experience of reporting from conflict and post conflict zones in Africa, and how the media cope in volatile situations.

Jessica Weiss | March 09, 2009

Local press in Russia survives during financial hardships

As elsewhere in the world, the global financial crisis has had a substantial impact on mass media in Russia.

Alexander Yakhontov | March 09, 2009

New booklet enjoins media to fight against gender discrimination

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) recently unveiled a publication on gender equality designed to engage journalists in the fight against gender discrimination.

Ade Adio | March 08, 2009

Expert comments on the future of news delivery in Latin America

In a changing media landscape -- and one in which more and more newspapers are closing their doors everyday -- journalists are left wondering what the future of news delivery might be, and what to be doing to prepare.

Monica Saba | March 05, 2009

Climate change guide published for journalists

Development organization Panos London has published an online guide for journalists and media professionals that aims to provide clarification on climate change topics as well as advice for journalists reporting on the issue.

سردبیر فارسی | March 04, 2009