New Google tool will allow for collaborative viewing, editing

Journalists and editors will soon be given access to Google Wave, a free online tool that will provide users with a real time communication and collaboration environment.

Brian Dabbs | October 05, 2009

Webb on the Web: The InfoCouple 2025

The future looks bright: augmented reality glasses, clothing that collects health data, a single encrypted device that controls all of your information. Here is Webbmedia Group's take on what devices we might be using in 15 years (click the document to zoom in).

Amy Webb | October 02, 2009

Reporter tells of bribery in Indonesia's media

This week, Indonesia's parliament passed a controversial bill limiting the powers of the country's Corruption Court, which many project will weaken the fight against corruption in the country. Despite reform efforts, endemic corruption in Indonesia remains a legacy of President Suharto's 32-year reign, including in the country's media.

Chatrine Siswoyo | October 01, 2009

Free multi-track audio editor now available online

Journalists and editors can now access Myna, a free audio editing tool which lets users upload and edit multiple audio tracks.

Using Myna, users can either upload prerecorded audio clips or record new ones instantly, then add sound effects to them.

Myna is a product of Aviary, a suite of browser-based design tools, free to try.

بسام سبتي | September 30, 2009

The fundamentals of multimedia storytelling: multi-tasking and teamwork

**This is the second in a series of articles on multimedia reporting by Iranian journalist and blogger Omid Memarian. To read last week's piece, click here.**

omemarian | September 28, 2009

Webb on the Web: Tap the Wisdom of the Crowd

You may already be familiar with the term "crowdsourcing," which refers to relying on the wisdom of a crowd to help answer a question or learn more about a particular topic. Typically, a user of a social network will "crowdsource" a subject by asking all of his/her friends and then responding to replies.

Amy Webb | September 24, 2009

Freedom House reports on Arab women's issues available online

Arab journalists interested in covering Arab women's issues can now benefit from a group of reports conducted by the press freedom group Freedom House.

بسام سبتي | September 24, 2009

An introduction to multimedia reporting and the future of journalism

**This is the first in a series of articles on multimedia reporting by Iranian journalist and blogger Omid Memarian.**

Until a few years ago, journalists reported mainly through a single platform, and thus required skills in only one medium -- for instance, audio, video, photography or print.

omemarian | September 16, 2009

New Arabic-language guide examines blogging in society

The Jordan-based Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists (CDFJ) recently launched an Arabic language guide on blogging.

بسام سبتي | September 16, 2009

Available in Arabic: BBC guide on how to create a TV report

Arabic-speaking TV journalists interested in improving their skills in creating audio and video TV reports can now access a BBC guide published in Arabic for that purpose.

بسام سبتي | August 26, 2009