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Writing and Editing

Writing and Editing

News design, longform storytelling and CMS efficiency: the big ideas at #SRCCON 2014

More newsrooms are creating longform editorial pieces on the web. How can they build these projects without having to reinvent the wheel each time?

KK Rebecca Lai | August 07, 2014

BBC makes its training resources free to the public in 11 languages

If you're in the market for a free journalism education, hundreds of training materials are now at your disposal.

Margaret Looney | June 30, 2014

Conscience and credibility in narrative journalism

For narrative journalist Alejandro Almazan, the truth lies in the details, and the reporter's job is to gather those details. Here's how he does it.

James Breiner | May 29, 2014

'Stop the Presses' shows how media can regain lost credibility

Professor Bernardo Diaz Nosty's book highlights the importance of ethics to the future of journalism.

James Breiner | May 20, 2014

Cloud-based products help small South African publishers with content, ads

Local newspapers are using the Impreshin platform to manage content and advertising without investing in expensive information systems.

Jessica Weiss | April 03, 2014

How to edit your story for accuracy

How can you make sure your story contains only accurate, unbiased and verified information? Follow these tips from investigative journalist Nils Hanson.

Rana F. Sweis | December 10, 2012

How to tailor news content for multiple devices

Now that more people consume news media on more than one device each day, news organizations that want to remain relevant to their readers need to be on all platforms. How can they meet those demands?

James Breiner | October 26, 2012

Journalism educator: Good writing is always in demand

Journalism grads should look beyond news organizations for jobs since their skills will be invaluable in almost any profession, says one educator.

IJNet | August 25, 2011

You've landed your first news job. Now what?

Getting there is half the fight. IJNet brings you 10 tips on how to succeed in your first news reporting job or internship.

Veronika Belenkaya | June 09, 2011

Reporters: six questions to ask yourself before writing your story

We know the basic questions that journalists strive to answer when chasing a news story, questions starting with "who," "what," "where," "when," "why" and "how." Here are a few other questions I like to ask writers, usually right before they start their reporting and then before they sit down to write.

Tom Huang | May 17, 2011