Which Google Chrome extensions journalists should be using

In this week's CIMA Digital Media Mash Up, the best Google Chrome extensions for journalists to use, which media outlets decided to show Charlie Hebdo images and more.

IJNet | January 09, 2015

How AJ+ covered Ferguson with just a mobile device

AJ+, Al Jazeera's new digital news outlet, has reported from some of the year’s biggest U.S. news events with little more than an iPhone.

Jessica Weiss | December 15, 2014

The best apps to film and edit mobile video like a pro

International media consultant and journalism professor Robb Montgomery shares the best filming and editing apps for mobile journalism.

IJNet | December 08, 2014

Five steps for shooting the perfect sit-down interview

Before filming a sit-down interview, make sure you've chosen the right environment and considered every possible outlier.

MJ Daoud | November 26, 2014

Vice News to expand news channel to seven countries

Vice News will expand its news channel in local languages to seven countries, including Germany, Brazil, Australia, France, Spain and Mexico.

Ashley Nguyen | October 17, 2014

How Fusion aims to be a digital-first TV network

Fusion's digital chief officer Daniel Eilemberg wants to use technology to build tools that increase online engagement with viewers. 

Maite Fernandez | October 07, 2014

BBC News tests video distribution using chat app Line

Line users have access to higher data plans than other chat apps, making BBC's first international news presence on a chat app more video-friendly.

Margaret Looney | September 16, 2014

Online video strategies that work for newsrooms

The World Editors Forum looked at how newsrooms can best take advantage of the medium.

Douglas Grant | August 18, 2014

BBC makes its training resources free to the public in 11 languages

If you're in the market for a free journalism education, hundreds of training materials are now at your disposal.

Margaret Looney | June 30, 2014

What newsrooms wish students learned in journalism school

Educators met with journalists working in newsrooms to discuss what's missing in journalism education and how to fill the gaps.

Margaret Looney | June 17, 2014