How reporters are using social media to cover the refugee crisis in Europe

With hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees flooding into Europe this summer, several journalists have traveled to the epicenter of the crisis to provide 360-degree coverage.

Sam Berkhead | September 10, 2015

How New York Magazine took Instagram to the next level with its 'audiogram' experiment

We talked with the magazine's Engagement Editor Lainna Fader about the experiment's conception, process and results. 

Dena Levitz | August 17, 2015

How five news organizations are experimenting with Instagram

As the community of Instagram users continues to grow, sharing upwards of 55 million photos per day, many publications are embracing the photo-social platform’s value. Here are five notable projects. 

Dena Levitz | August 17, 2015

Pro smartphone journalism part 2: Hand-held shooting tips

In a follow-up to his first piece on stabilizing rigs for your mobile camera, Packer offers breathing techniques, shooting postures and other ways to ensure a clear shot. 

Lynn Packer | August 11, 2015

Pro smartphone journalism part 1: Four ways to stabilize your camera

Shaky videos are either a sign of video journalists new to the craft or a lack of proper equipment. These four types of rigs can help secure a smooth shot. 

Lynn Packer | August 06, 2015

Journalist of the month: Christy Ejiogu

Journalist of the month Christy Ejiogu is a senior programs producer at TVC News in Nigeria who is passionate about protecting "the voice of the African woman."

IJNet | July 28, 2015

Four documentaries about journalism in Mexico

These films explain the challenging contexts in which reporting occurs today in Mexico, one of the world's most dangerous countries for journalists. 

Julie Schwietert Collazo | July 24, 2015

Tips on formatting video for the audience and platform

How to customize videos, the state of Egypt's journalists union, goodbye to Circa and more in this week's Digital Media Mash Up, produced by CIMA.

IJNet | June 26, 2015

Six journalism opportunities to apply for in July

Check out these promising courses, fellowships and competitions with deadlines in July. Each is open to journalists worldwide.

IJNet | June 23, 2015

Six takeaways from the Reuters 2015 Digital News Report

IJNet combed through the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism report to find six takeaways that will prove useful for anyone working in the digital news arena.

Natasha Tynes | June 19, 2015