Online tool lets students practice editing TV news

The U.S.-based Link TV channel recently released an online learning tool focused on creating international television news.

Jessica Weiss | October 20, 2008

Handbook for Broadcast Journalists

Former Knight International Press Fellow Michelle Betz put together this "Handbook for Broadcast Journalists" after working with journalists and journalism students in Rwanda for four months. The handbook is Betz's attempt to fill the void of a lack of formal journalism training or reference materials. It aims to help journalists tell "real" stories and to do "real" journalism, Betz says.

Jessica Weiss | October 02, 2008

Broadcast Writing Tips

General rules, dos and don'ts of broadcast writing, courtesy of longtime journalist and media trainer Michelle Betz.

Michelle Betz | June 27, 2008

Microphone Placement

Keeping the microphone off-axis or at an angle to the speaker is crucial for many microphone to avoid plosives: the popping Ps and hard consonant Cs and Ks. Place the microphone roughly at 45 degrees, between the ear and the nose.

Cesar Miquel | June 27, 2008