Specialized Reporting

Specialized Reporting

Tips for Sound Business Writing

Eight simple tips for working or aspiring business reporters.

Cesar Miquel | June 27, 2008

Taking Care of Yourself

Journalists who are exposed to catastrophe may themselves develop symptoms of primary trauma, through experiencing or witnessing disastrous events, or losing someone close to them.

Anne Nelson, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and Dr. Daniel Nelson, MD, University of Cincinnati | June 27, 2008

Practical Suggestions for Journalists Covering Catastrophe

The term "primary trauma" applies to individuals who have had first-hand experience of a catastrophic event. It would include those who survived or witnessed a catastrophe as well as those who have lost someone close to them. Telling their story to journalists can be damaging to these individuals, or it can be therapeutic. The journalist has a significant role in determining which of these it will be.

Anne Nelson, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and Dr. Daniel Nelson, M.D., University of Cincinnati School of Medicine | June 27, 2008

Backgrounder on reporting on Capital Markets

Capital markets are markets in which equity (shares) and debt (bonds) are traded. If they exist at all in less developed countries they are typically small. Most financing to help companies grow is done through bank financing rather than through the equity markets. Over the past decade or so, an “emerging markets” capital market has emerged. Based primarily in New York and London, this market has permitted developing countries’ governments (“sovereigns”) to access international capital markets.

Catherine Mckinley | June 27, 2008