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Social Media

How Russians are tracking elections on social media

In Russia, a country with Europe's highest Internet penetration, social media are offering an alternative form of election coverage.

Nurilda Nurlybayeva | December 06, 2011

Four excuses media executives give for not tweeting

Twitter has been credited with launching revolutions and ruining political careers. However, some high-level media executives still don't use it. Here's why.

Maite Fernandez | December 05, 2011

In Morocco, social media are the fifth estate

When the going gets tough for print journalists, they move to online media. Journalists in Morocco, where half of the population regularly uses the Internet, have migrated online to work around increasing government restrictions.

Mohammad Al abdallah | November 11, 2011

A journalist's guide to verifying news tips on Twitter

When information appears on social media, it's tempting for news organizations to race to report it first. Resist that impulse. You'll have a more complete story --and one you won't later regret-- if you follow a few simple steps.

Jennifer Dorroh | October 05, 2011

Confessions of a social media editor

More news organizations are hiring social media editors. Yolanda Ma, former South China Morning Post social media editor, explains how her role went well beyond Twitter and Facebook.

Yolanda Ma | September 19, 2011

New York Times social media editor discusses breaking news Twitter feed

IJNet spoke with Liz Heron, social media editor of The New York Times, about the hazards of retweeting and the future of the paper's new Twitter feed, @NYTLive, dedicated to breaking news events.

Dana Liebelson | September 07, 2011

Ten tips for citizen journalists from Cairo's "Tweet Nadwa"

Tweet Nadwa connects the virtual and real worlds of bloggers, writers and activists at the Tahrir Lounge in Cairo and around the globe via Twitter. IJNet followed the most recent one and took away these tips for citizen journalists.

Mohammad Al abdallah | September 01, 2011

Social media giants woo traditional journalists

Journalists laid off by cash-crunched newsrooms should consider sending their resumes to social media companies — Google, Twitter and Facebook are all hiring or have recently hired editorial staff.

Dana Liebelson | August 30, 2011

Eight journalists to follow on Twitter for information on China

Twitter can be a great resource for news about China. Here are IJNet's picks for whom to follow for up-to-the-second information on China in English.

Yolanda Ma | August 12, 2011

Seeking job opportunities in journalism? Execs say online presence, multimedia skills a must

London Metropolitan University hosted a recent panel on careers in journalism. Speakers included executives from Bloomberg, BSkyB and the National Union of Journalists. The panel agreed on one thing: practical experience in a range of media and an online presence are essential.

Nicole Martinelli | August 09, 2011