Photojournalism project documents China’s global reach

An international team of journalists and photographers traveled the globe last year documenting China’s vast global influence—and its consequences.

Dana Liebelson | February 28, 2011

Photographer honored for Google Street View Photos

Photographers often face danger to snap the winning pictures honored by the World Press Photo contest. This year a photographer stood in front of his computer screen to shoot the pictures that earned him an honorable mention in the prestigious contest.

Nicole Martinelli | February 21, 2011

Egyptian blogger discovers doctored photo in state-run newspaper

Egyptian blogger Wael Khalil usually writes blog posts about the government, the opposition and sometimes sports, but last Tuesday he played the role of journalism fact-checker.

Bassam Sebti, IJNet Arabic Editor | September 16, 2010

Tips help photojournalists cover conflict effectively and safely

Photojournalist Michael Kamber of the New York Times recently published a blog post about conflict photojournalism for Lens, the photojournalism blog of the Times.

بسام سبتي | July 17, 2009

Obama win makes headlines around the world

On November 5, 2008, the day after the United States elected Democratic Senator Barack Obama to be its 44th president, newspapers around the world dedicated front-page space to the historic news.

Jessica Weiss | November 06, 2008

Writing Photo Captions

Photo captions are often the first elements of a publication to be read. Writing photo captions is an essential part of the news photographer’s job. A photo caption should provide the reader basic information needed to understand a photograph and its relevance to the news. It should be written in a consistent, concise format that allows news organizations to move the photo to publication without delay.

John Smock, Knight International Journalism Fellow | August 14, 2008

Tips for Photo Editors

Take the initiative. Don't wait for assignments to come to the photo department. Control your own destiny. Generate your own photos and stories. This builds journalistic credibility within your newspaper and gets the photographer in on the ground floor when a story is taking shape.

Marcia Prouse for the American Society of Newspaper Editors | June 27, 2008

Cropping and Sizing Photos

You will consider two steps once you have decided you want to use a picture: cropping and sizing.

Cesar Miquel | June 27, 2008