How to find free photos to use on your website legally

To illustrate their blog posts or news articles on the Web, journalists should never resort to copying another site’s photos or graphics without permission. Here are tips for finding and attributing images.

IJNet | October 01, 2012

Five ways to develop your photography career

With phone cameras improving and prices dropping for digital cameras, more people have the chance to take better photographs than ever before. Here are five tips for amateur photojournalists who want their hobby to develop into a paid profession.

Nicole Martinelli | August 03, 2012

Four things journalists should know about reporting trips to China

China-based, award-winning documentary photographer Ryan Pyle shares his experience working and traveling in China.

Andy Shuai Liu | May 02, 2012

"Bad photos often lead to good ideas," says World Press Photo winner

Two-time World Press Photo winner Sergey Maximishin talks about citizen journalism, the role of post-production and how bad photos can sometimes lead to great ones.

Nurilda Nurlybayeva | March 30, 2012

Photo project aims to shatter stereotypes of Arab men

Canadian-Iraqi photojournalist Tamara Abdul Hadi wants to show a different side of Arab men than the violent, macho one often shown in the media. Her project "Picture an Arab Man" reveals new angles, with the subjects often posing partly nude.

Natasha Tynes | March 28, 2012

Tips for journalists shooting photos: rookie mistakes, pros and cons

IJNet wraps up a series on tips for journalists shooting video and photos.

Jarod Phillips | March 13, 2012

Five tips from the red carpet for entertainment reporting

Star-studded red carpet arrivals of high-profile entertainment events often see heated competition among journalists. Maggie Ma, a Los Angeles-based journalist, shares her five top tips for successful entertainment reporting.

Andy Shuai Liu | February 20, 2012

The story behind those Russian drone protest images

The photographers at AirPano weren't even sure what "drone journalism" was -- until their spectacular shots of a protest in Moscow were picked up by news outlets around the world as an example of this growing trend. IJNet talked to founder Oleg Gaponyuk and engineer Stas Sedov to get the backstory.

Nurilda Nurlybayeva | January 04, 2012

How to use the new Hipstamatic app for protest photos

Hipstamatic, a photography app designed to provide a series of custom "lenses" for the iPhone, has a new group feature that could come in handy for citizen journalists and protesters.

Nicole Martinelli | December 14, 2011

Startup Newsmotion gains traction with Kickstarter

IJNet talks to Newsmotion founder Julian Rubinstein about what's next for this ambitious startup.

Nicole Martinelli | December 09, 2011